ROS Beginners Exam - Feedback/Correction is Broken/Unreliable

Hi all,

I have completed the ROS Beginners Exam and followed all of the instructions regarding package, files, services and actions names (and giving all the python files full execution permissions) and had them all functioning correctly (the Drone having a similar flight pattern as observed in the GIF).

Unfortunately, when submitting the exam for autocorrection, I would get a couple of the Tasks incorrect with the feedback stating: “Drone didn’t do motion correctly”; despite seeing the Drone move as expected.

I submitted the exam multiple times, without changing anything and get different results. To demonstrate this, I took screenshots of the same submission done and eventually getting full marks in the Exam:

Could you let me know why I was getting different results for the same submission, and what I should do in future if this happens again?

Thanks in advance.

Did you have another program running in any of the terminals while correcting the quiz? This could confuse the grader.

I don’t recall having any terminal running. I may have been mistaken however.

Would the drone be able to execute its motion from the Quiz correction if this were the case?
If so, why would some of the questions be marked as correct but not others, could it mark the specific program that was running as incorrect if that were the case?

We have observed that having a program (especially the same exam package) running in other terminals while correcting the exam causes the grader to behave erratically because of conflicting packages names, nodes, topics, etc. Having the exam package running in another terminal is very probable because you would want to test it before submitting it.

Before submitting any quiz/exam, ensuring no other program is running in any of the terminals is necessary. We will include that in the instructions in a future update.

Could you try again without any program running and see if the erratic behavior is still there?

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