ROS basics services quiz

Hello, I have an issue with a quiz in ROS basics in 5 days(Python). I have submitted the quiz after the server module and I got the following as the feedback.

:heavy_check_mark: [info] Setting up ROS environment (mark: 0)

:heavy_check_mark: [info] ROS environment setup is okay (mark: 0)

:heavy_check_mark: [assess] services_quiz package found (mark: 1)

:heavy_check_mark: [info] compiling package services_quiz… (mark: 1)

:heavy_check_mark: [assess] services_quiz package compiled successfully (mark: 2)

:heavy_multiplication_x: [assess] The services_quiz custom message did not compile successfully.
Let’s fix this before we continue. Things you can check before retrying:

  • Did you create the custom service message in the subdirectory srv?
  • Did you use the right name for the custom service message: BB8CustomServiceMessage.srv?
  • Did you modify CMakeLists.txt and package.xml for this message?
  • Did you run source devel/setup.bash after catkin_make?
  • Did you find the message in rossrv list? If not, the message has not been created. (mark: 2)

But the message is actually well created and the program works just fine as per the requirement. While I was desperately fumbling upon the error and also refreshing the page, I can no more give an another try not check the solution. Could you tell me what could be the next step be. thank you.

If everything is working, then most likely you misspelled the service name. What do you have for:

rossrv list


I have this among the list for

rossrv list

You have to create this custom message in the quiz package services_quiz - you cannot use the one created in another package.

Thank you. This is helpful. But is there some way I can submit the corrected answer?

No, once you view the solution you cannot submit anymore.

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