ROS Basics In 5 Days -Unit 6- rosservice call /my_service [TAB]+[TAB] shows no output

rosservice call /my_service [TAB]+[TAB]

File “”, line 1
rosservice call /my_service [TAB]+[TAB]
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Hi @shrirangsp,
Welcome to the commuity :slight_smile:

This is not meant to be executed directly. You are supposed to type:
rosservice call /my_service
in the Terminal and then press [TAB] on your keyboard twice to autofill the rest of the command.

Thank you @simon.steinmann91

I has pressed [TAB] button twice and I got that error.

can you post a screenshot?


I cannot see /my_service anymore
But /move_bb8_in_circle that i tried worked perfectly.

Make sure that your service server is running.