ROS Basics in 5 Days - Unit 4 Quiz cannot re-submit

I am unable to take the Quiz in Unit 4 yet. The Gradebot is giving the following message despite the fact I have never taken this quiz:


Hi there! Here to check that your assessment package works as expected. I award marks and provide helpful feedback while at it so you can take action where needed.
PS: I’m not even human, let alone perfect. I could use some feedback too!

You have already viewed the Quiz solution after a previous submission, so you cannnot re-submit the Quiz! Your score is 0.0/10.0"

Hi @jpalmer, welcome to the community!

Have you submitted the quiz/seen the solutions?

Our records show that you have submitted once and clicked the “Check Solution” button after that. There is no way for these steps (submitting and viewing the solution) happen unless they are triggered by someone.

Could it have happened when if my computer/brwoser froze? I havent seen the solutions or submitted any code?

Is there a way you can go back and verify that I havent submitted code or viewed the answers? I need to take the quiz and progress with the course

To submit the quiz, you would need to click two different buttons, because you have to confirm that you want to submit the quiz after clicking the “correct quiz” button. So the quiz was submitted for sure and could not have happened when the computer froze.

Then after the gradebot finished with the message that the package could not be found (we keep a record of the grader messages), the button to check the solution was also clicked. It could be that someone else who had access to your PC clicked these buttons; since you say you didn’t do it, we take your word for it.

You may now resubmit the quiz.

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