ROS Basics in 5 days(Python) quiz in unit 6, cannot find service name by gradebot

Hello guys,
i’m new in ROS and it’s so exciting to learn. I was doing the quiz on unit 6 and Gradebot cant find the asked service ‘/move_bb8_in_square_custom’, leaving this message:

I did as it said and made sure that all the file names are correct as shown below:

then i did rosservice list | grep /move_bb8_in_square_custom and it shows below:

So, can anyone enlighten me on about what i am doing wrong?

Hi @Anogi1999 ,

My immediate understanding would be that your service is not initialized properly.
Exit autograder, test and execute your code again and start autograder again.

I just finished ROS Basics with Python. That is why I am able to tell you this.


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@ girishkumar.kannan thank you for telling me ,though a i exited as you suggested, ran the code again and nothing happend. Sad thing is i wasted my 5 trials on the quiz…
Thanks for your commitment,

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@Anogi1999 ,
You can anyways ask the Construct Team to reset your attempts or extend it.
My advise for you for the future: Try the code you wrote and execute and check before you submit for quizzes.
Glad you figured out what was wrong!


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I have given you 3 more trials.

Next time, please contact us at the 2nd trial if you are unable to fix the problem.