ROS Basics in 5 days: Part I unable to move robot

I’m having a hard time starting up this assignment. Learnt in section 4 is that we should adjust the launch file (in this case main.launch) and create a Python file that will actually create the ‘wall following’ behavior.

To test if I would be able to launch anything correctly I created a node in the main.launch file like this:

Afterwards I just created a in which I just put the code of a previous example (where we needed to turn when coming close to a wall, because I know the robot would at least start moving). looks as followed:

After compiling via catkin_make, and doing source devel/setup.bash I will launch:
roslaunch realrobotlab main.launch

I don’t get what I’m doing wrong, or how should actually start… can someone maybe explain a little bit how should tackle assignments like this?

use inside your callback function this on line 9

global move

How do you actually mean?
Like: def callback(global move):

Or like in all the commands:
if msg.ranges[360] > 1:
global move.linear.x = 10
global move.angular.z = 0.0

Try declaring move = Twist() before rospy.Subscriber()

This didn’t make any difference

I see that your code is within the simulation_ws, and it shouldn’t. That workspace is only for simulation related code.

You should instead be creating your files in catkin_ws, like you have learned in the course.

First you need to create your own package in ~/catkin_ws/src, and then create a launch directory where you will add main.launch, and your should be in the src folder, after making it executable with chmod +x

Then, you can compile, source the correct workspace, and see if the robot starts moving

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