Ros basics in 5 days, part 2, how to do service message?

in the assignment they say the message will have the following structure:

bool wallfound
but I am unsure what it means to have a findwall.srv in the beginning? in most of the other examples the request type is int32 or str or similar. I hope someone can explain this in detail so I know what to put in cmake etc. and how to proceed from here.

Hi @badmadafaka, weolcome to the comunity.
FindWall.srv is the name of the file .srv is the file extension supported by ros for service messages. as may already know a service message is composed of 2 parts, the request and the response divided by a
--- simbol, here is an example:

this is taken directly from the ROS SRV documentation.
check as well ROS msg and you will see that bool is a data type of ros.
So if you don’t need a response you can create your message as follows:

name of the file:

bool wallfound #request
--- # separator
# no response

Thank you for your reply. I think perhaps my copy paste left something out. Here is a screenshot of the message they want me to do:

So it could be that findwall.srv is the name of the file, but in that case we have an empty request? Is that possible, and how would that work?

yes, that would work. try it out and tell me if you got any error.

ok, thanks for your assistance. And sorry for my juvenile name, I thought it was more private. LOL