ROS Basics in 5 Days - Course Project

The Part 1 of the ROS Basics in 5 Days course project involves creating the python file named - “” but I am doing course with the c++ if am I following the wrong Jupyter notebook or I have to assume the changes required for c++?

Hi Priya,

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Sorry about that glitch.

Do you have the latest version of the rosject? I can’t find the part where it mentions in the latest one. Please delete the current copy and make a fresh copy.

In any case, you can just implement your logic in C++, based on what you have learned, and everything will work fine. But please ensure you have the latest copy of the rosject.

After coping the rosject from the link made available in the course I got the following Jupyter notebook. Which has instructions for py file.

If this is not the right rosject can you point me towards the right rosject please ?

Thanks in advance

Hi, this is the correct rosject, but I see it has a typo. I will make the modifications and you can refork with the updated instructions.