ROS Basics in 5 Days - 2.8 Compile a package - Missing information

In the section of chapter 2.8 it is mentioned that there are 2 methods to compile ROS packages but only one is mentioned, 2.8.1 catkin_make. what is the other one?

“When you create a package, you will usually need to compile it in order to make it work. There are different methods that can be used to compile your ROS packages. For this course we will present you the 2 most common ones:”


Are you sure it is in 2.8


and I also looked for the quote with Ctrl+F and got zero results.

Can you please clarify where you saw this explanation

Anyways… I think the 2 methods are as follows:

(1) for entire src folder (section 2.4)

(2) for a specific pkg (section 2.4)

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@JulioAZ0720 ,

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Since you are using ROS (1), the two common ones are"

  1. catkin_make <package_name>
  2. catkin_make --only-pkg-with-deps <package_name>

If you are using ROS2 then what @TAURD said would be the answer.


Thank you for the information. That’s just what I wanted to confirm.

Julio Artica

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Great discussion @TAURD @girishkumar.kannan @JulioAZ0720!

And many thanks @TAURD @girishkumar.kannan for helping out.

Actually that statement is a bug, and should be worded differently. The other method is ros 1’s catkin build, which is similar to ros 2’s colcon build, but we removed the section explaining that because it was causing problems:

  • catkin_make and catkin build cannot be used together in the same workspace and people, but some tried to use it and had “unexplained” problems.
  • We decided to stick with the good ol' catkin_make for the ros 1 courses. You can use catkin build in your private ros 1 workspaces and rosjects.

I’ll correct that bug right away.

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