Ros award 2021 list

Hi Where can I have access the candidates to ROS AWARDS 2021? Is there a list with the best options?

I would like to see the best ROS projects, robots, developers,etc to have a better idea for whom to vote…

There is no list. We do not want to influence the personal decision of each one. That is why we do not provide any suggestions for the vote.

Also, you cannot vote for The Construct or any of its developers, since we are the organizers of the event. All votes provided to The Construct team will be discarded

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Good to know Mr. Tellez, I was thinking something similar to “THE BEST AS FIFA PROVIDES”, with the potential winners already chosen.

And that’s a pitty I would vote for you as best ROS developer, considering you are always working hard to spread ROS knowledge worldwide and launching new ROS events.

In this way I will need to make a deeper survey. Do you suggest at least some website, discourse channel , where I could look for well succeed ROS projects available on market? It is not just a question to vote, but I am also curious to know which nice ROS ideas/developers exists and are appreciated by the community.

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Best way is to be following the ROS Discourse web, were you can see all news about ROS, which projects are having attention, developers posting their projects and so on.

The problem with FIFA approach is that it is corrupted since the ones who pay more will get nominated on that list. We don’t want that for the ROS Awards. We really want to know your opinion, and that is based on your experience, of course. So just go for what you know and vote based on that.

I appreciate your vote but as I mentioned, we cannot participate because we are organizers. Neither the sponsor of the ROS Awards can participate. Our main interest is that the votes are free and without any corruption behind.

Thanks for caring so much Marcus