ROS 1/2 support for video game creations?

I was wondering if anyone has ever used ROS 1/2 for the creation of video games??? Such as using the ROS 1/2 to control using open_ai for example, and automated imperial walker or TIE fighter in a star wars game using either the Blender, Unity 2020, or Unreal 4/5 engine systems???

That would be interesting to see in real life. The ROS environment could lend itself very well in vieo game production. By the way does ROS/Gazebo/Unity/Unreal offer the ability to simulate multiple sophisticated robots in an environment??

Something I am considering is a video game that teaches deep learning to K-12 students. One possibility would be to create a squadron of drone TIE fighters in a star wars game, where each simulated drone TIE fighter has its own ROS environment. How is ROS used in simulating multiple ROBOTS simultaneously??

Some references I have located are the following:


David Blubaugh

Hello does anyone have suggestions???



Hi @davidblubaugh2000

Its absolutely possible, and if some people find it interesting, I would be delighted to create a series of videos about this topic ;).

OK what would I need to prove that there would be interest in this possibility of using ROS 1 and 2 for video games development ??? I guess I qam going to have to do it myself. Do you have any suggestions for this endeavor ???



Is there a possibility that I might convince you to do it if I were to do this first to show that would be interest in it.



Hi David! Sorry I missed your questions.

We made TWo videos already of this teaching how to do this in Godot, we started a new video series about ROS2 with GameEngines ;).

Here you have for the moment the two videos made:

GODOT ROS2 How to start image publisher

GODOT ROS2 listeners

The original repo for godot_ros is this one, you are more than welcomed to do pull request , like I did also. Lets see if the original creator is still active if not we will work in my fork: GODOT ROS FORK with Listener

And we created two repos to house all the ROS2 related packages and the Godot project.

godotbot Godot Game project

Godot ROS2 packages

Again, we would be so glad to have people contributing to this, maybe creating new games with this structure in mind or new godot_ros modules to add more functionality like laser, pointcloud, tactile feedback… Possibilies are endless :wink:

If anyone is interested, we can create a milestone and todo list and start building it faster ;).

interesting, didn’t know Godot is still active.

Thought there is some work done for ros and unity which very probably has some more options…
As gazebo as some pain points it’s still interesting, however not sure how big the audience is…

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