Robotics Theory

Hi everyone, I have a question following the order of the Robotics theory courses.

So I want to really understand the theory behind robotics, but I don’t know were to start. And I want to learn how to walk before running. There are a lot of courses in the catalog and I don’t know were to begin.

For example there is the Basic Kinematics of Mobile Robots course, but there also is the Basic Arm Kinematics course, which one should I do first?

Also aren’t the kinematics models part of the Robot Dynamics?

Thank you very much


Well it depends a lot in your prior knowledge.

If your are startig, the best is to follow the LearningPaths

There I would start with the Code foundations, then the ROS For Beginners.

After that, depends on your field of interest. If you are interested in kinematics, start with the Basic Kinematics courses ( mobile and arm robot ). That will give you a good place to start.

But leave here any question you might have on the subject :wink:

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