Robotic Master Program 2023 enrollment

I have enrolled in this program successfully, but nothing happened in my account. Wondering if I’ve missed something?

Hi Peera,

Thank you for enrolling! Your enrolled is confirmed.

No, you didn’t miss anything. Do not worry, we will be in touch with you.

You are supposed to see a countdown to the program when you log in, but I see that you are not seeing it for some reason. I will look into that.


Thank you @bayodesegun. Another question. Am I able to view all courses? Just noticed that some contents are locked after I subscribed to the master class.

Hi @ptientho

Now the countdown mentioned by @bayodesegun is showing properly for you.

Hi again, @ptientho,

I have some questions:

  • could you be more specific on which content/unit of which course you lost access to after subscribing to the master?

  • Do you have any screenshots that show the current error?

  • Did you have access to all content of the specific course before subscribing to the master?

No, you are unable to view courses with the Master Class license. You will be able to view the courses of the Master when it starts.

-I cannot access the next chapter of modern c++ that a popup shows the following message

-Yes, I have accessed this course before subscribing to the master.

Hi @ptientho,

could it be that you have been following the “C++ for Robotics” course instead of Modern C++?

I say this because the only courses that are open to anyone are:

  • Python for Robotics
  • Linux for Robotics
  • C++ for Robotics
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