Robot path shifting in


During my test of, I realized the robot is not going straight but slightly in diagonal.

This trajectory leads to a wrong positioning of the robot when it has to turn of 90 on the right and introduce risk of colliding with the wall - or worst getting stucked - that prevent to run properly.

Is there anything I can do to fix this displacement (staying in the scope of the exam of course) ?


The slight drifting of the robot is normal since the simulation includes real-world behavior.
As far as you turn the robot towards the opening (rotating 90 degrees), the would be successful.
When you are performing, you can adjust the course before moving straight, but you have to stop in a given region to be successful, and also, all the side measurements should be ‘inf’.
If you achieve the expected behaivor (shown in the short video) and stop approximately at the same location, you will be fine with the exam. :slight_smile:

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