Robot not moving in simulation - Exercise 4 and 5.1

None of the exercises which include this robot appear to be working, The one I have screenshot is Exercise 5.1 but the ones in Exercise 4 didnt make this robot move either. The turtlebot works fine in Exercise 3.

Hi @t.bamber,

you have to make sure your script is publishing on the right topic.

If your script publishes on a topic called /my_topic, you can check whether it is really publishing by using rostopic echo /my_topic.

You have to make sure the robot is subscribed to the topic you are publishing.

The command rostopic info /TOPIC_NAME would tell you whether there are publishers and subscribers.

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I have reloaded the exercise pages and re ran the code today and the same code I ran yesterday now works. Maybe there was an issue with the way the exercise loaded yesterday.

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