Robot model missing in RVIz graphical viewer on step 2 of URDF for Robot modelling

Hi, I"m not able to add these 2 elements as RObot Model is missing from the viewer and I don’t see where to add it from the add panel window. I figur in ted out te frame error I Was getting(Saw an old question regardign tat) but in their screen shot tey at least had RobotModel listed

Instructions from course
You will have to add two elements in RVIZ:

  • RobotModel: In this case, select the robot_description variable for the RobotDescription field
  • TF: It will turn green as soon as you select the correct fixed frame, in this case, base_link. Deactivate the names to see the frames better.

disregard. please close. Finally figured it out. Add button way down below Display. was thinking I had seen these in add panel.

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Glad to figured it out :wink: