RLException: [main.launch] is neither a launch file in package

I’m getting this error when running the following command
“roslaunch duckietown_gazebo main.launch”
And the error is
“RLException: [main.launch] is neither a launch file in package [duckietown_gazebo] nor is
[duckietown_gazebo] a launch file name
The traceback for the exception was written to the log file”

I try to run live lecture #30 locally,

I download the files I need, ran “catkin_make” (it went fine), then “source devel/setup.bash” and then “rospack profile”. Then I try to run the launch file, which fails.

  • I’m able to run “roslaunch fake_navigation start.launch” but firstly, nothing happens (no simulation or anything). Secondly, this is not the file that was used in the live class.

  • I downloaded the fake_navigation folder (as is) from that live demo and placed it inside catkin_ws. Also downloaded the simulation directory (simulation_ws) and put it outside of catkin_ws (they’re at the same level)

Any help to run it locally will be highly appreciated(!)