Result doesn't show which questions were wrong, already added shebags and made ALL the files executable

I took the exam today and got 6.75 marks. I really want to correct the parts i made mistakes in but i don’t know which ones are wrong.

From what I found from other posts, i added shebags and made all the files execulatable but after the long evaluation time I still can’t get the message which shows the problems where I made the mistake.

Hello @prasanjeetkeshri ,

Looking at the logs in our system, I can see your last mark is 8.5 and the correction is failing at 2 points:

  • permissions are NOT set correctly

  • get_laser_readings method did NOT work correctly


Hi @prasanjeetkeshri,

we have been investigating why you were not receiving any feedback on which tasks of the quiz failed, and we found it was a problem in our system.

It is now fixed. If you submit the quiz again, now you should receive feedback while the auto-correction system is running.

Please let us know if you find any other problems, and thanks for reporting the problem.