Resetting robot_control_class

I have overwritten the the changes are always saved, how can I get it back ?

hi, you can undo changes by pressing ctrl+z or go to edit in menu and select undo option in IDE

this will work using ctrl+z only when you first made the changes or in the same session , but the changes are always saved means after logout and in and restarting pc are always saved , so it won’t work with ctrl+z

For this case I think the only way is to keep revisions saved in git repo before logging out. So that you have old changes available in older revisions. The IDE supports git integration, I didn’t try yet but that is one way to keep you all changes tracked.

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Hi @sumerfat , you can still copy paste the program from Unit 2 Python Essential


hi Joseph, thnx for the answer, ok I will check

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Going forward, almost all the code we work with in construct, will either be in the content page or downloaded from github (mentioned usually at the start of each course), just so you know where to look

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