Reset Tutorial ROS1

How to reset the tutorial files in order to clean like in “make clean”?

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Could you please provide more context as to what you are doing and what you wish to accomplish?
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Hello Girish,
There is an error in an other package and catkin_make stops before my_package is compiled . Launch does work though. That is why I am wondering why is there no “make clean” or “catkin_make clean” done before starting the build process? It is the “Hello World” programme simple.cpp in this ROS1 tutorial, that does not work. “catkin_make --only-pkg-with-deps my_package” containing simple.cpp stops before simple.cpp is being compiled and no warning. So the source file can be changed, make can be started and launch works, there is no change in the node though. It would be great to know how the complete course could be reset to the state before first changes were made to the tutorial ROS1 " ROS Basics in 5 Days (C++)".
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Hi @einkauf ,

Since you are working on the very first package in the course, which is my_package, you can simply delete the my_package folder.
You can delete it in two ways:

  1. Right click on the package and delete - using the IDE.
  2. rm -rf ./my_package - using terminal - from the correct parent directory (usually ~/catkin_ws/src/)

You can then restart the my_package from scratch.
A better suggestion for you would be to re-trace your steps from first, that you did to create the my_package. This way, if you missed any step, you can just add it.

I think your problem is very basic, what most people have faced already.
So, if you could post your terminal error output as a text (or as a code-block) here, then I could help you fix it.

Refer code-block: Extended Syntax | Markdown Guide