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I don’t know how but it seems that I somehow crashed the system and I can’t do catkin_make anymore because Invoking “cmake” failed. How can I do that? I’m pretty helpless right now

Hi @justinx1x ,

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Did you accidentally delete the src folder within ~/catkin_ws?
Or did you run catkin_make command outside of catkin_ws directory?

Anyways, no need to worry. In case you have deleted all your files, that’s fine. If you have not deleted your files, save your ROS1 packages to some other location (or download to your computer).

Then follow these commands (in the exact order):

cd ~
rm -rf ./catkin_ws
mkdir -p ./catkin_ws/src
cd ./catkin_ws
source devel/setup.bash

The above commands should fix your catkin_make issues.
Once all the above commands complete, you may copy paste your ROS1 packages (if you have downloaded to your computer or moved elsewhere) back into this ~/catkin_ws/src/ folder.

Let me know if you still have any issues after following the above commands.


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Hi @justinx1x,

in addition to what Girish said, the problem may be because you are wrongly running cmake instead of catkin_make on the ~/catkin_ws folder.


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