Report another error in Unit 2, section 2.4 and section 2.5

Hello, again, community!

I found another error in the code of a script:

import math, rospy
from utilities import set_model_state, get_model_state, \
                      pause_physics, unpause_physics
from geometry_msgs.msg import Pose, Point, Quaternion
from tf.transformations import quaternion_about_axis

position = Point(x=0.5, y=0, z=0.5)

for angle in range(0,360,10):
    theta = math.radians(angle)
    q = quaternion_about_axis(theta, (0,0,1))
    orientation = Quaternion(*q)
    set_model_state('coke_can', Pose(position, orientation))

This code above doesn’t appear in the coke can.

Hello @vasileios.tzimas ,

Do you mean that this script doesn’t spawn the coke can? That’s right, this script also assumes that the coke can is already spawned and it only modifies its state (orientation in this case).

Indeed that is what I mean!
But it should be mentioned because if you do not complete the course, it will not work correctly.