Renew subscription error

I’m trying to access courses without success, despite having a monthly learner subscription.
When I tried to manually upgrade, I get the following error:

Subscription failed: you already have an active subscription to the product ‘Learner Monthly’. Only one active subscription is permitted. Your subscription is still active but your license has expired because autorenewal failed. Please contact us to resolve this issue.

Can you please help?


Hey Eyal,

Thank you for subscribing and welcome to the Community!

We could not process your renewal for this month because the card you had on file had expired. I apologize for this glitch.

Your current subscription has been cancelled and you may now take up another one with your new card.

Thanks again and BR,


Thanks for the clarification, that makes sense :slight_smile:
I just paid for the monthly learner, stipe showed me an error yet my debit card was charged with the full amount. When I tried to login to the advanced modules, it still shows me that I’m on a free tier. Please assist.


Hi Eyal,

That payment was blocked (we didn’t get it) because some details you entered for the card were incorrect. Please retry the payment.

Not to worry, the charge for the failed attempt is temporary and will be reversed by Stripe in a few days, typically 5-10 working days.

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