Removing time limit from rosjects?


My class is working on a custom rosject for an upcoming competition. Some of them are getting a weird error:

You have spent the maximum time (8 hours) on rojects today. Please try again tomorrow.

Can you please help? We have our competition soon and it’s crunch time.


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Hi All,

Any update on this? I’d really like to get this fixed ASAP since it’s a disruptive error for my ~20 students. If you don’t have an immediate fix, but are currently working on it and will have an update later, could you please let me know that instead?


Hi @bayodesegun @rtellez - any updates from you or your team on this? Since our competition is in a few days, I’m getting increasingly worried about this.



Thank you for contacting us about this problem.

Unfortunately, the 8 hours limit is a hard one for every user and cannot be removed.

However, because we understand your situation and see that you have some unused licenses, we are making a special exception to extend the hours of your students by 4hrs per day. Such students will have to send a private message to @staff (click to send a private message) here on the forum any time they hit the limit, and we’ll extend their hours.

Thank you for your understanding.



I’ve reached my limit for rosject today. I would appreciate it if you can extend the hours for me.


Your hours have been extended.

@staff I’ve hit my limit for the day and need access back asap, can you extend my hours for me please?

The hours have been extended.


I’ve hit the limit for the day. Can I get access back? I’m currently working on an exam project.
My profile is: @computerengineering

@staff @bayodesegun It would be extremely helpful if you could grant me access again asap. I need to use rosject for my exam. Profile - rohit1611, email -

I have added some extra hours for you.

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