Relocating windows within the tutorial

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I have a question regarding the IDE and webshells within the tutorial. I want to use multiple screens to organize my workflow better. For example running the simulation and the terminal on a separate screen. Is this possible?

On a rosject it is. every tab (IDE, shell, visual tools, etc) has a button to open it in a new browser tab, just move that browser tab wherever you want. it is not the case of the academy where you have a fixed layout of the tabs.


Thank you for the reply:)

This is the screen I see, and there are buttons to maximize each window. However I am not able to move any of the windows after maximizing.
But I don’t know what a rosject is. Might it be that this is not a rosject and I will be able to use this functionality once I get to ros projects?

Hi @talha.erbilli,

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As @u1802520 said, in the Academy, it is not possible to open the shell, simulation, etc on another screen.

He mentioned that for a rosject, it is possible to achieve what you want and you said you don’t know what a rosject is.

In TheConstruct, you can either learn or develop. For learning, we have what we call the Academy. If you already know ROS and want to develop, you can create a project, that we call Rosject (ROS+Project).

To list and create projects, there is the Rosject button on the left menu, the same menu where you have the Courses option.

If you click the Rosject button, and open a rosject, you will have a development environment that allows you to open the terminals, simulations, etc in another screen.

Please let us know if you have further questions.

Keep pushing your ROS Learning.

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