Regarding odometry position

I have doubt in odometry part in Kinematics of mobile robots. What does odometry.pose [‘x’],odometry.pose[‘y’] represent. Here I got doubt because odometry position is I guess it is at the current position when we try to capture. Is it right? And one more thing is if that is the case why waypoints are assigned to odometry.pose because waypoints are in between points and not tracking of points continuously. Can you please share little bit info on this to clear the confusion.

Hello @saitarak.padarthi ,

odometry.pose [‘x’] and odometry.pose[‘y’] represent the [X,Y] coordinates (position) of the robot. I don’t understand the doubt regarding waypoints. Could you reformulate it?

In nonholonomic robot why waypoints are taken and assigned with odometry readings. Odometry is tracking every point it’s moving but waypoints are in between points. So, I didn’t understand that part.

Hello @saitarak.padarthi ,

Odometry is used to track the position/orientation of a robot. Waypoints are usually used to track/define some kind of trajectory we want the robot to follow. Are you talking about an specific exercise/section of a Unit? If so, could you point me to it?