Regarding Monthly Subscription

I had taken the Monthly subscription last month. It was supposed to expire tomorrow ( 3rd of May). I want to take a break since I have exams and therefore I wanted to unsubscribe today( 2nd of May). However, the money has been deducted from my account and a new monthly subscription has started. I can’t continue for a while. If I unsubscribe today, will the money be refunded? I want a refund for the new subscription which was not initiated by me.

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If it is not possible to refund my money, I request you to please at least start my subscription from May 11th, 2021. By then, my exams will be over. Actually, I think this option will be much better for you and me as well.


Either of the options is possible. Please tell us the one that you prefer.

Hello Sir, I had applied for a refund through email. I have got a mail saying the money has been refunded and it will be shortly processed. So it has been done. Thank You.