Reference workshops and open classes within the course material

I see that the course content and workshops are two different sections. Don’t you think it would be great if we were able to merge them?

The workshop topics are valuable explanations of the content we are learning in the course. Having recorded explanations of topics ready at hand is very useful. The alternative is googling it or looking it up on youtube.

Within the Ros Basics in 5 days course, at the end of the list of units, we can have sections called workshops where we can listen workshops on the topics we just learned (example: workshop on #39 How to create a ROS action server).

I have been on the platform for a while, but very rarely go through the workshop section, which is a shame since its full of useful content. One of the reasons is that its arranged based on the date it was streamed, and not based on topics, making it difficult to find what i am looking for. It would be great it the workshops was arranged based on category and not based on the stream dates.

Thanks so much for this feedback, we’ll work on it.

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Thanks for considering this :grinning: