Recover deleted folder


I copied a folder to my /home directory (did this temporary). Then went for a break and when I got back the rosject had closed down due to inactivity and now that folder is deleted. I can still see it when doing $ls for example but it shows up as deleted (broken link). Is there any way of getting it back?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Martin,

What course or rosject were you working on?

What do you mean by this? Can you share an image?


My rosject is called “SSY236_Tiago” and the lost folder was called “maps”

This is what I get when running “ls” and ls -la

And as I understood it when it’s red with a black background it’s a broken link.

Okay, understood.

We can recover this folder provided it was there the last time you opened this rosject, on Friday Nov 19. We can restored the version saved on that day.

Shall we do that?

Hi again,

That folder was created today so sadly it will not be there

The last time I opened the rosject was today so maybe the time will update?


I’m sorry, if you created the folder today, it won’t be there because your last saved version was on Friday.


hmm okay. Why doesn’t it show the last save as yesterday? 22/11 since I worked with the rosject the whole day.

The last save was yesterday.

Here I was referring to the last time you opened in on Friday, because Friday was the time you opened it before yesterday.

Oh I see, so there is nothing that can be done?

Yes, I’m sorry. :cold_sweat:

We don’t save the contents of the /home/user directory, only specific ROS workspaces like catkin_ws and ros2_ws.

Yeah so I noticed, and the .pal folder don’t seem to be saved either