Receipt of the payment

Dear, the construct.

I got ‘invoice’ and I could download related pdf on the billing info page.
However, is there any way to get a receipt with the detailed payment info?

Hey Sparo,

Thank you for subscribing.

I’m sorry but we don’t issue receipts at this time. This is because the invoice issued is sufficient in most cases.

Is there any information you need that is missing on the invoice? It might be possible to arrange something just for you.

Thank you for the reply.

It would be helpful, if you can give me a receipt with the part of credit card info (part of number).

Thank you.

Can I get the receipt of the payment with the detailed information?
The receipt should include the information of the credit card, such as below.

Payment method: Visa or Master / xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-**** (**** represent real card number)

The invoice number is 21705 and the payment date is 2021-07-02.

Thank you.

Receipts with this information are automatically sent by our payments partner, I have just resent this receipt to your registered email.

Please let us know if you need something else.

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