Real Robot TurtleBot Live Streams Not Working

Hi The Construct team,

I reserved a session for Real Robot Lab TurtleBot today at 12:30 PM CET.

Since the time I got connected, I was not able to get the TurtleBot Live Streams. Both of them were continuously “loading”.


Can somebody please fix this? Also, I would appreciate if you could reset my week’s robot lab sessions back to 2, now that I have lost a session due to error.


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Hi Girish, we will investigate what happened. You have all reservations again

Hi @roalgoal ,

Thanks for checking the problem. I had reserved a session today and I was able to get only one camera stream throughout the session. I reserved the 9:30 AM CET time slot.

Although I was able to work with the robot, I was getting only the left camera stream.

I recorded the entire session (to have as a backup) for my live presentation for course completion.

Here is a screenshot:

When you get time, please look into this issue also.


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