Real robot project for ROS basics in 5 days (python)

Hello, I am wondering where I can find information and project requirements for the real robot project. I can only see the 12 modules I have completed and when I view my final score I have a 0 for the real robot project. However, I cannot find this project in the course.

Hi @kealeyl ,

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Courses like ROS Basics in 5 Days [Python or C++] require you to do a course project to get a certificate.

You can find information about the course project - called rosject - within the course notes itself.

I have finished this course (ROS Basics in 5 Days with Python), so with that info, I can tell you that information on the real robot project (course project / rosject) is found in the end of Chapter of “Subscribers, Service Servers and Action Servers”. Just scroll all the way down the chapter to find this information. It is written in detail and clearly for any beginner to follow.

It provides a link to get a copy of a rosject that you can find on your Homepage.

Also, you are NOT SCORED for the real robot project. You would have to present it live - on a face to face video presentation with the real robot that you can reserve with the real robot lab.

Since you have mentioned that you have completed the 12 modules and you have a “0” for the real robot project, I am assuming that you have not given your presentation yet.

I hope I have clarified your doubts.


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