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Again, I was trying to use the real robot labs today. I booked both sessions I had this week next to each other so that I could have an hour of work time. However, the commands took 3-5 seconds to send and even longer for any output to show. That on top of the stream dying frequently. I was still able to make some progress, but was wondering if I could get some more time this week to finish things up on the real robot so that I can be closer to getting the certificate? Thanks

You can now book 2 more slots this week

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Hello @reallen ,

We are also working on trying to reduce the lag when connecting to the real robot. We have included instructions on how to use the parameter_bridge instead of the dynamic_bridge, which should reduce this delay. The commands to launch it are the following (they’re also indicated in the project notebook):

source ~/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash
roslaunch load_params load_params.launch
source /opt/ros/foxy/setup.bash
ros2 run ros1_bridge parameter_bridge

Hope this helps,

Thanks for providing me with more time slots. I just used one just to see how the parameter_bridge performs and if I could take advantage of it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the parameter_bridge to even launch…this is the error code that I got:

user:~$ source ~/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bashROS_DISTRO was set to 'foxy' before. Please make sure that the environment does not mix pathsfrom different distributions.user:~$ roslaunch load_params load_params.launch
RLException: [load_params.launch] is neither a launch file in package [load_params] nor is [load_params] a launch file nameThe traceback for the exception was written to the log file
user:~$ source /opt/ros/foxy/setup.bash
ROS_DISTRO was set to 'noetic' before. Please make sure that the environment does not mix paths from different distributions.

I just kept using the dynamic_bridge as I have in the past. But I will say, the dynamic bridge seems to be slowing things down quite a bit and has been proving to be a big block in getting things done. I almost always have to restart the bridge after stopping one of my programs, otherwise the commands don’t send when I start them again. Could you confirm that the parameter_bridge is in fact working? Thank you

Hello @reallen ,

I believe this is because you have the old version of the rosject (we updated it a couple of days ago to include this). So, you would need to remove the current one and copy again the rosject from the course notebook to get the newer version. You can download from the current rosject any package you want to keep and upload it later to the new one.

Understood I went ahead and did that, thanks for confirming. Also, would I be able to get one more time slot for this week since I was not able to get the parameter bridge working? I hate to keep asking for extra time slots, but I would really appreciate being able to have the two full time slots without issues. Thank you

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Hi @reallen
you should now be able to book two slots of the real robot. Go ahead.
Remember you can do two slots every week. Let me know if you need more.

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