Real Robot Lab Error! Turtbot3 connection error

Hi, I booked a session to test some navigation code using the turtlebot3.
After launching the rosject, the moment i try to connect to the robot. i get this error bellow!

Can someone help me please!

Real Robot Lab Error!

The robot appears to be offline right now. Kindly request the manager to reconnect it using “sudo systemctl restart theconstruct.rrl” and try again. Checking the robot’s logs with “sudo journalctl -f -u theconstruct.rrl” and “sudo husarnet status” also may help.

Hello, I had the same issue as well. My booking was in 01-01-2024 at 21:00.

I apologize for this glitch and the delay. We’re looking into it right now.

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There was a disconnection through the weekend.
Please try now, since we have reconnected the whole system and everything should be fine.

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