Real Robot Lab doesn't connect


In the last two sessions I reserved the real robot lab I haven’t been able to connect to the robot.
The 25 minutes passed with the console icon loading and in the live cam it said the session was assigned to nobody. In the image below you will see how I had my session booked and the connection didn’t succeed.

Please, I need to know if there is a problem. It’s weird that occurs the last two sessions, on different days and hours (so it might not be network problems). I only have two sessions per week, I can’t keep losing them.

The rosject is the ‘Robox Turtlebot3’.

Best Regards.

Let me check what is happening and come back to you.
We are going to re-assign you those 2 extra sessions, so you don’t loose them

Hi Manuel,
I have personally checked that everything is working properly (see image attached).
We need to know if it is something particular to your rosject or maybe your location… can you try again?

Please let me know if this works of not. In any case, we are going to reset your last 2 bookings so you will have those extra this week.

In case it didn’t work, I would like to have a personal meeting with you to check it together


It’s worked.
I will avoid booking sessions the hours I’ve already got problems.

Thank you very much.