Real robot keeps loading


I am facing an issue while using the real robot lab when I try to connect to the robot it connects but I cannot see the live preview the live vedio keeps loading until the booking time finishes I hope anyone can help

I am using turtlebot3 Ros2 Basics In 5 days (Python ) Rosject


There was a power outage in the building. We are restarting the cameras. They will be available in 2 hours


Sorry but still it dont work

I apologize for the dealy in solving it.

Cameras are now up and running.

Let me know if you need more slots to test on the robot so I can assign them to you.

The turtlebot3 cameras are still down for me.

same also me i dont know why

I will appreciate if you can give me more slots because yesterday i booked the robot 4 times without any result because the problem you told me i hope you can add me some slots and Thanks

Sorry but the issue is still not resolved :slightly_smiling_face:

Please try now, the problem is solved.

I apologize for the issue. I’m resetting all your reservations so you can do more reservations today.
I’m very sorry for the trouble, it was difficult for us to solve the problem during the weekend

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