Quiz score unit 4 ROS Basics

I took the unit 4 quiz for ROS Basics but when I look at my achievement’s it doesn’t show my score how do you interpret the page it show weighted scores but nothing about my score for the quiz a 10. It when through all the stages and found everything it was looking for and gave me that score. The only thing I see is a 25% with a 3.33 which was not my score. If that is my score then something is wrong. It most definitely gave me a 10. I had 4 more opportunities and would have used them if I thought my score was that low, but I looked at the solution thinking everything was fine. I hope I’m just not reading it incorrectly, but I don’t think i am. What can be done now? The name for package, node and launch file are all correct and it works perfectly it has not been altered since taking it hopefully that is tracked just like my edits. This was the first time I had seen how the automated grading worked and each time it ran a stage it came back with found or worked everything was green and in the end it showed a score of 10. There was not a single indication of something missing or not working properly. If there had been I would have fixed it. I hope something can be done I worked hard studied and feel like I
deserve the score it indicated…

Don’t worry, the score you get is the one you see at the beginning, and the weighed score is a percentage of the quizzes you’ve completed. We are working in the issue you’ve mentioned where students can’t refer back to their quiz grade. I’ll get in touch with Front End about this.

Hi @hskramer,

You are probably looking at the ROS for Beginners Learning Path page at https://app.theconstructsim.com/#/LearningPath/ros-for-beginners.

The score you see on that page is an aggregate of your scores for the ROS Basics in 5 Days course, which consists of several quizzes and exams, not just the quiz you are looking at. So if you want to see a 10 (or a pass mark), you need to pass all the quizzes of that course.

Furthermore, if you want to obtain a certificate for that Path, you need to obtain a passing mark in all the courses on that path (you cannot obtain a certificate by just completing the ROS Basics course).