Question on CMakeLists.txt mods for custom service messages

I’m doing Exercise 6.2 for the ROS Python course, where we learn how to create custom service messages. The instructions say to add “message_generation” under “find_package()” in “CMakeLists.txt”. But why do we not have to add “message_runtime” under “catkin_package()”? The description for this function states:

All of the packages stated here must be in the package.xml file as <exec_depend>.

And in “package.xml”, we can see that “<exec_depend>message_runtime</exec_depend>” is included.

In fact, the same is true for ‘std_msgs’: it does not appear under “catkin_package()” in “CMakeLists.txt”, but is still present as “<exec_depend>std_msgs</exec_depend>” in “package.xml”.

Hi @torino ,

message_generation is a build dependency. So to have your ROS package use your custom messages (msg / srv / action), this message_generation is required under find_package() in CMakeLists.txt and as build_depend in package.xml.

But, message_runtime is not a package, it is a execution / run-time dependency. So to have your ROS package execute / make use of the created custom messages during execution / run-time. You must add message_runtime under build_export_depend and exec_depend only in your package.xml.

And, it is better to add std_msgs in catkin_package() of CMakeLists.txt in the line that starts with CATKIN_DEPENDS ... along with other dependencies (like actionlib_msgs if you are using actions).

Please refer ROS/Tutorials/CreatingMsgAndSrv - ROS Wiki for more info.


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