Python File: not executing correctly

When executing the script within lesson 5:

Output is:
('Hello, my name is ', ‘ObiWan’)
('Hello, my name is ', ‘Anakin’)

Output should be:
Hello, my name is ObiWan
Hello, my name is Anakin

Hi @jfkidder ,

I tested the option below and it works as expected.

var = 'ObiWan'
print('Hello, my name is ', var)

If you cannot get the right result, could you paste here your code?

I’ve attached a screenshot of the result. Shouldn’t it work correctly if executed directly within the notebook?

Hi @jfkidder ,

the like below should work:

print('Hello, my name is %s' % self.jedi_name)

Please let us know if it still produces a result different from what you expect.