Python extension slow to load or doesn't load?

Does anyone else have trouble getting the Python extension to load in the IDE. When I start a course and click on a Python code module, sometime it takes 5-10 minutes for the Python extension to load and sometimes it doesn’t load at all. In the meantime, the IDE is unusable. This is making it very difficult to do the courses. If I restart the Chrome tab or hit the refresh button on the IDE, this sometimes helps and the extension loads, but it’s unpredictable. Sometimes I just give up and come back later. So far this has happened on all of about 6-8 courses I’ve tried.

I’m running Win 10 Home and Chrome 105.0.5195.102, Intel(R) Core™ i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz 32gb RAM. Any tips are appreciated.


That is not supposed to happen at all. The IDE should load in a few seconds unless there is a sudden arrival of students (but in that case you would have a message on the screen indicating it). So the IDE should load relatively fast.

Can you post an image of the whole screen when this happens to you?

Here’s a pic. You can see in the blue status bar (hopefully you can see it) that the Python extension is loading. In this particular case it took about 4 min. While loading the extension, the IDE is very sluggish, will not load other code files, etc.


Hey @wheagy,

That’s very strange as I have never even paid attention to that. For me it loads so fast I don’t notice it.

Are you behind a VPN or proxy? That could slow things down.

Nope, no VPN or proxy. Every other web service I use seems fine. And once it finally loads, everything runs as I’d expect. Just this frequent delay getting the Python extension loaded.



Something is definitely throttling your connection to the IDE, Could be an antivirus (it has happened before) or an Ad block or …

Is it the same behavior if you use Firefox?

If you have access to it. Never hurts to try also with another computer. To be 100% sure the problem is in your system and not something in the web platform

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