Python 3 for robotics - prerequisite exam

Hi, I am having many issues with this exam.
I am getting a low score, and without it telling me what exactly is right or wrong, it is extremely difficult to ascertain what errors I have made. It just says the score and the individual scores for each task.

However, an even bigger issue is that every time I mark the exam, it gives me a totally different mark. Sometimes I get 0, sometimes I get 0.75, sometimes 3.5. I don’t change any code, or any names of files, no changes at all, and a totally different mark each time. I am extremely confused and it is very hard to find out where I am wrong when this makes it impossible to fix myself.

Is it possible to get guidance on this?
As for the code itself, I believe I have named all methods correctly, and it runs fine when the code is executed manually.

Best wishes,

J Z Nash

Hello @j.nash ,

I’m checking this issue.

Hello @j.nash ,

Your problems with the exams are the following:

  1. First, your linux scripts don’t have execution permissions. You need to give execution permissions to the scripts (,, so that the autocorrector can execute them.

  2. The script is wrong, review the Linux course to see how to do it.

  3. The permissions set with script are also wrong. Review the permissions that are asked in the exam for each file.

  4. About task1 in Python exam, your program is getting the ‘inf’ value as the highest value, This is not allowed as per the exam instructions. Make sure to carefully review the specifications of each exercise.

  5. script has a syntax error here: while a => 1:

Let me add that we are going to improve the autocorrection scripts during this week in order to provide a better feedback.


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