PublicProject: rb_kairos_robot


i found a public project/repo from the rb_kairos robot:

When i clone it in my catkin_ws/src on my local machine with ROS noetic on Ubuntu 20.04 the package can not built with catkin_make.

catkin_make --only-pkg-with-deps rb_kairos_sim_new

Packages “rb_kairos_sim_new” not found in the workspace

What is the best way to clone this project and start it ?

Thank you very much for help

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Hi @NicolasHahn, welcome to the community!

That’s probably because the package was built with catkin build, so try that. There will be a conflict if you have packages in your workspace already built with catkin_make

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Hi @NicolasHahn,

in addition to what @roalgoal said, the package name is rbkairos_sim_new, not rb_kairos_sim_new.

Please try the correct name instead:

catkin_make --only-pkg-with-deps rbkairos_sim_new

If you have some messages like missing packages, just install the dependencies.

If when compiling you have an error like this:


Then you just would have to install it using the command below, for example:

sudo apt-get install -y ros-noetic-control-toolbox

Maybe you could install all dependencies using rosdep too.

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Hello thank you very much for you help and answers. I still have some problems and questions.

With this command I can compile the package now
catkin_make --only-pkg-with-deps rbkairos_sim_new
without errors

But how I can start the simulation in Gazebo and spawn the robot in the world ?

I tried to launch some files for example: roslaunch rbkairos_gazebo_new gazebo_rviz.launch
but i don’t get the simulated world with the spawn robot.

also i get some errors when i want to launch other files:

The other packages I don’t have to built or ?
How can I start the simulation in Gazebo and spawn the robot ?

Thanks for Helping !

I’m glad you managed to compile the workspace, @NicolasHahn,

This error message shows that you don’t have a package named summit_xl_gazebo.

You have to download it, and compile it. It is available at:

The test_zone.sdf file it is trying to find is the one below, found in the repository aforementioned:

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Thanks so much.
I download this and many other packages and installed them. But there is one package which creates problems: teb_local_planner

I installed the libarys g2o and eigen which I need for this package, but its not working
(GitHub - rst-tu-dortmund/teb_local_planner: An optimal trajectory planner considering distinctive topologies for mobile robots based on Timed-Elastic-Bands (ROS Package)).

I found somebody with the same problem:

but the solution doesn’t work.

Any idea ? Its maybe because of the version of the the libs i used ?

Thanks for helping !

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