Project in URDF

[joint_state_publisher-1] process has died [pid 1504, exit code 1, cmd /opt/ros/kinetic/lib/joint_state_publisher/joint_state_publisher __name:=joint_state_publisher __log:=/home/user/.ros/log/a9b2fb04-3450-11eb-8da8-0242ac170007/joint_state_publisher-1.log].
log file: /home/user/.ros/log/a9b2fb04-3450-11eb-8da8-0242ac170007/joint_state_publisher-1*.log

I got this error when I was trying the project. Could someone please help me out?
Thank you in advance!

Hi, can you be more specific? What package/program were you running? It’s always a good idea to remove your build and devel folders and compiling again when you encounter strange problems. Try:

cd ..
rm -rf build/
rm -rf devel/

And then try running it again.