Progress Report and Status doesn't work


I’ve finished two courses in the past week. But, the progress value is not working properly. Sometimes after I go to the next chapter, the value gets updated and sometimes it doesn’t.

I’ve read all the chapters but progress for courses are 50 and 33 percent.

Am I doing something wrong?!


If you skip some of the exercises, this might happen.

One tip: just reading the notebook doesn’t make you understand the content of the course. You need to do the exercises. So, just doing a quick overview of the units and thinking you know it will not make you know it. You need to put the effort because this is not video-based training; it is hands-on training.

Thanks for your reply.
But sometimes even if I do all the exercises of a chapter, progress is not updated.

Ok let us review the completion percentage system and figure out how to better tune it to the actual knowledge you acquired. Please allow us a few weeks to solve it

This has been closed. We now have a completion system based on knowledge checks or estimated time spent on the unit where a knowledge check is not available.