Program the path of the tool

Hey everyone.

Is it possible to use Mastercam or do you know any alternative in ROS / Moveit melodic to program the path of the tool?

I am involved in a project with Kinova Gen3 7DoF robots and so far we have only managed to run the demo programs correctly on Gazebo and on the real robot.

We have tried to modify a Python program that comes in the Kinova Gen3 packages for ROS / Movit melodic and execute a small program that performs a square, in principle it executes it correctly, but when trying to execute it multiple different times it seems to skip one of the positions and since the movements are incremental, the robot totally loses the desired position.

Our experience is in Mastercam-Robomaster, Roboguide and Mastercam-RoboDK, with this experience, ROS / Movit seems considerably complicated, although it is for the moment our only option.

RoboDK has the Kinova Gen3 robots within its application, but at the moment they do not have a driver that works correctly. RoboDK allows to obtain a Python program with the trajectories that we want to carry out.

If you know of any interesting information about controlling Kinova Gen3 robots please share it here.



Don’t have experience in using RoboDk I’m afraid, but if it skips the positions, this can happen in ROS sometimes, specially if you are not checking that the subscriber to the publisher is ready. I would suggest to:

  • Check always that the end position is the desired one before sending next position, and ressend if it failed.
  • Try different solvers and planners in Moveit, because the trajectory generation could be messing things up

Hi duckfrost.

I have seen that my post is a bit confusing. but your answer is perfectly applicable.

The program that gave me problems in the robot is one written in Python that I modify, this program was included in the packages that Kinova for ROS as a demo of movements.

Do you think ROS could recognize the coordinates that RoboDK offers me?

Do you know any case in which someone there sent “tool path” to ROS from a software like Mastercam?
I have attached as an example a couple of images showing the “tool path” that I created in Mastercam and sent to RoboDK. Take a look at this RoboDK video to see the necessary process.