Problems with connecting to localhost in Developing Web Interfaces for ROS Robots course

I have just started to go through the Developing Web Interfaces for ROS Robots course and came to the part when I have to run my web app on the HTTP, and copy-paste my IP address with 8000 port, however, when do that, I get that my connection is forbidden. I checked all forums, all websites, nothing helps. Can someone please help me with this issue?

Hi @robo-del,

I’m sorry you are having this problem. Are you able to resolve this?

If not. In order to help you faster, please tell us the exact unit and example/exercise you are following.

I found the solutiion, it was just a problem from my side, but still, there is 1 issue I’m facing with this course. I’m not able to connect to rosbridge server. I try both by using the rosbridge_address, that I get from terminal, and the form ‘ws://:9090’. None of these 2 methods works for me. I can provide more detailed information if needed. Thanks in advance and sorry for the previous question

No problem @robo-del, glad you got past the error. Please post the new question as a new topic.