Problem with part1 -( basics of ros) rosject

I am always getting this error while i am trying to launch this file which is the part of my rosject
. Where am I going wrong? Please help!!

Hello @prarthana.sigedar ,

This error message means that your XML file, the launch file, may have a syntax error.

Could you copy and paste the content of this file here?

Thank you my LAUNCH FILE

<!-- My Package launch file -->

<node pkg="turtlebot3_move " type="" name= "turtlebot3_node "  output="screen">

</node> #MY XML FILE

<?xml version="1.0"?>



The turtlebot3_move package













<!-- Other tools can request additional information be placed here -->

Your launch file should have the <launch> tag.
Also, remove the extra spaces in the <node> tag.
Should be something like:

<!-- My Package launch file -->
  <node pkg="turtlebot3_move" type="" name="turtlebot3_node" output="screen">
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will check this and get back!