Problem with code Unit 2:Build a Robot

At the first part of unit 2, we have the following error:
[ WARN] [1665409727.074281400]: The root link link_chassis has an inertia specified in the URDF, but KDL does not support a root linkwith an inertia. As a workaround, you can add an extra dummy link to your URDF.
It’s not the first time I have to search about code error about lessons. Anyone can help to solve it?

Hello @tecnicos404 ,

That is not really an error, it’s a Warning message. And you can actually ignore it, it’s not going to affect anything here.

If you want to get rid of that message anyways, you can add an extra link (with no inertias) to the top of your URDF file. More on this is explained in the URDF course.

Tks, @albertoezquerro !

The problem is that the “start code” doesn’t work…

After the message the code brake.

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