Problem in section perform motion plannung prgrammatically

I created moveit package for fetch.
1st issue: there is no launch file fetch_planning_execution.launch
I therefore use the move_goup.launch file. is this correct?
2. When I start the file I get the followung errors:
user:~$ rosrun my_motion_scripts
the rosdep view is empty: call ‘sudo rosdep init’ and ‘rosdep update’
Failed to import pyassimp, see for more info
[ INFO] [1590141400.262686327, 241.844000000]: Loading robot model ‘fetch’…
[ INFO] [1590141400.263462253, 241.844000000]: No root/virtual joint specified in SRDF. Assuming fixed joint
[ WARN] [1590141401.378578762, 242.328000000]: No kinematics plugins defined. Fill and load kinematics.yaml!
[ INFO] [1590141402.577801762, 243.261000000]: Ready to take commands for planning group arm.
[ WARN] [1590141403.039565903, 243.476000000]: Fail: ABORTED: No motion plan found. No execution attempted.

Thanks for your help


Hello @udo.michelfelder,

The fetch_planning_execution.launch file has to be created by you, as explained in previous Units. If you still don’t know how to create it, you can have a look at the ROSject provided in the Solution for the Exercise 3.1.


I got it. Thanks for the feedback