Problem chapter 4 first command

I tried starting with chapter 4 with the “ros2 launch nav2_course”, but I don’t get a map in rviz. At one point I got a map but the Navigation goal didn’t work. Going back to chapter 2, launching the mapserver results in no map aswell. but chapter 3 got maps.

Stuff that I tried to solve the problem:

  • reset all values of the yaml files to default.
  • redoing chapter 1,2, 3(50%)
  • deleting everything and pull the project again from git

I have no clue what I have done to kill my project and especially no clue how to fix it :frowning:

Hello @t.alscher ,

I’m doing some updated to this course which will, among other things, fix your issue. It will be ready for this afternoon or tomorrow morning (at maximum).

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